Dondonya Presents Sumptuous Limited Hiroshima Tako Tendon

Dondonya Presents Sumptuous Limited Hiroshima Tako Tendon

As a coastal city facing the Seto Inland Sea, Mihara is known for its picturesque scenery and premium seafood, especially the reputable octopuses that established it as the “City of Octopus”. This spring, Dondonya partners with ラーメンKOH, a popular restaurant in Mihara, to present the Hiroshima Tako Tendon. With just 10 sets available per day, the tendon will delight local gourmets with the incredible freshness of octopuses jetted from Japan.


The new Hiroshima Tako Tendon featuring fresh octopuses from the Seto Inland Sea was the winning dish of Hiroshima’s Seafood Donburi Senshuken and once joined the nationwide Donburi Senshuken which was held by one of the most representative food organizations in Japan. Loved by people all over the world, the bowl is renowned for the nice chewy texture and rich flavour that could not-to-be missed!

Marinated with garlic and coated with tempura batter, this tantalizing octopus is perfectly deep fried until it is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The rich and tempting homemade sauce featuring wasabi, ichimi powder and soy sauce further elevates the distinctive sweetness of the octopus. The octopus tempura is served with nori and sweet and chewy Miyagi Special A Grade Hitomebore rice to further indulge the taste buds.


Image Credit: Dondonya


24 三月 - 25 五月, 時間: 00:00-00:00.