Art Workshops

Kashunutz Art Studio offers a traditional base of learning in an unorthodox approach and fun learning environment in Hong Kong that are tailor-made for all age groups. It’s concept-based learning that spans from ‘comprehensive art programs’ to more ‘focused programs’ with a specific approach depending on the type of project.

Our weekly programs are designed to ensure that students practice art as a subject and develop an inner sanctum that allows creative freedom and expression to explore facets of our society and the world through the visual language of art. 

The curriculum has been designed with the aim of balancing creativity and techniques. Each art class offers a new experience, encouraging the students to express themselves and reflect upon the life around them in Hong Kong and the world at large.


Image Credit: Kashunutz Art Studio


星期一–星期三 15:00–19:00, 星期四 11:00–19:00 (午餐時間 12:00–15:00), 星期五 15:00–19:00, 星期六 10:00–17:00 (午餐時間 13:00–15:00).




Fee: 600 港元



Tsim Sha Tsui