Autumn Term

Autumn Term

We teach Putonghua Chinese encompassing a 21st century approach.  With a well balanced mix of traditional elements and modern methods, our students will first master basics in the language before progressing to more advanced levels.​

Foundation students are first taught elementary oral, listening, character recognization and stroke order writing skills.  Advanced students focus on reading comprehension, grammar and creative writing technique reinforcement.  IB/AP/GCSE students are prepped for their exams.  We emphasize on small class teaching coupled with individualized learning.​

Our teachers are all from Mainland China with degrees of Bachelor or Masters for Chinese / Chinese teaching.  Both Simplified and Traditional characters are taught according to each student's needs.​

Chinese is not just a language.  It is a culture full of history.  Our aim is to provide a Chinese focused environment for our international students.​

Upcoming Autumn Term enrolment has begun:

  • 16 August - 18 December, 2021.

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16 八月 - 18 十二月, 瀏覽這個網站查看開放時間.




Per class for once a week, from: 360 港元


+852 3427 9619 / 9197 7289



Unit 1702 17/F, M Place, 54 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong