Weekend Guide for Kids in Hong Kong<br>
Weekend Guide for Kids in Hong Kong
15 - 16 February
15 Feb 16 Feb

Coping with Children's Anxiety about the Coronavirus Outbreak
As you can see, our current situation has all the factors that make a person stressful. Most of the parents I have talked to are stressed out themselves. If the current situation is doing this to us adults, just imagine what might be going on in a teen’s mind.
The Best Music Classes for Kids and Teens in Hong Kong
We know how tricky it can be to choose the right school or tutor that provides the highest quality music education for their students, especially when you're a parent who works through your daily routine. That's why we've taken the time to handpick a selection of the most reputable music schools and music classes in HK.
Self-Doubt in Children
“Everyone is always getting better grades than me in class. I never do anything better than others.”“She is so much better than me in everything. I don’t think she considers me to be her friend. She is just being nice to me.”The above statements are all from real life, expressed by my teen clients during coaching sessions. There is a common thread that binds them all.