Ace Sports Academy

Ace Sports Academy

To run a Sports Academy which focuses on skills excellence and sport education for athletes of all ages and levels. To inspire our students to explore and develop their sport skills through individual and group lessons. Ensuring that fun and maximum enjoyment is had by all the students.


The mission of our Academy is to create a challenging sport academic environment, while incorporating a modern athletic program that can be enjoyed by all.
Ace Sports Academy was founded by Feras Neameh in Dubai in 2010. Feras has been passionate about tennis from a very young age. As a teenager, Feras took his passion to a professional level and was ranked third in his native country of Syria. He later became an ITF qualified tennis coach and began coaching tennis for all age groups. Feras has been coaching in Syria and Dubai for more than 12 years and loves teaching the game to beginners as well as intermediate and advanced level players.
Ace Sports Academy started out as a tennis academy, but has since progressed to offer a diverse range of sports such as basketball, football, rugby, gymnastics, swimming, karate, hockey and badminton.

Our Methods are simple and effective with a modern twist. Team work, technical, tactical and mental preparation is encouraged. Balancing these elements correctly is essential in order to develop a confident athlete who is able to perform at their very best at all times.

Programs Offered by Ace Sports Academy: 

  • Mini Aces 
  • Super Aces 
  • Ace Aces 
  • Teen Aces 
  • Adults Sports Programs 


  • Tournaments 
  • Birthday Parties 
  • Holiday Camps 
  • Venue Hire 


  • Tennis 
  • Swimming 
  • Football 
  • Basketball 
  • Gymnastics 
  • Rugby 
  • Karate 
  • Hockey 
  • Badminton 
  • Volleyball


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