Dubai Safari Park

The new home for more than 2500 animals from all over the world


Dubai Safari aims ‎to be one of the top ten zoos internationally, and a leading tourist destination ‎worldwide attracting recognition from the international community for its work in ‎maintaining a high standard of animal welfare, nutrition and ethical conduct.‎
Dubai Safari is a project by Dubai Municipality, spread over 119 hectares will ‎provide ‎the best habitat for wildlife; different environment that suit various animals. ‎
Come explore the Arabian Village, Asian village, African village, feel the thrill and ‎excitement of an Open Safari or make new friends at the Children’s ‎Farm. Relax by ‎the ‎valley; enjoy a picnic by the waterfall. Watch a show or engage in activities in the ‎‎theatre. ‎

Kids Farm is a wonderful environment in which children can play, and learn about animals and the important place they hold in our lives. Being close to animals will teach children responsibility and promote good character and integrity.

Adventure Valley is located on Al Wadi area. It’s a playful place to gravity and motion which gives you a sense of adventure experience. The Adventure valley contains 3 different playing equipments for Adults and kids, such as Playground zone, Climbing net, Climbing wall, Bungee Jumping, Zip line. “The Adventure valley”, where you challenge, explore and find your strength abilities.

At the theatre you will be introduced to the exciting world of wildlife. Here, animals will do natural behaviors while the park's spokes persons tells you interesting facts about these wonderful animals. See the otters swimming past and hear how they are only just surviving in the wild. Watch the gibbon swing overhead and learn how this lesser ape is losing his rainforest home.

Dubai Safari is a fun-filled living classroom for young minds beginning to discover the world’s many wonders. With kids being among the park’s most special visitors, every member of the park's multi-national team is highly trained to be child-friendly and make the Dubai Safari experience for every guest truly memorable. From being transported to another world with engaging animal stories from the expert guides to finding new and exciting adventures at every turn – Dubai Safari is a wonderfully enriching and enjoyable experience for kids as well as those young at heart.


Credit: images of Dubai Safari Park

Opening hours

Mon–Sun 09:00–17:00.


Adult Ticket: 50 AED
Child Ticket : 20 AED (3 - 12 years)
Children under 3 years: Free
People of determination +2 Companions : 0 AED (Enter with your SANAD Card)
Combo Ticket - Adults: 85 AED
Combo Ticket - Children: 30 AED


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Dubai Safari Park, Al Warqa