Ginger Dance and Arts

Ginger Dance and Arts is passionate about Artistic Expression and Self Discovery.


Ginger Dance and Arts wants to be part of your artistic passion; the goal is to share the love and passion through which we live and breathe, the passion that embodies movement, rhythm, music, light, form and Color; the passion for Self Expression through Dance, Arts, Photography and Vocals.


  • Dance: featuring age-appropriate music, dance and Costume
  • Fitness: tried and tasted regimes for your body and mind
  • Photography: lights, cameras, lenses and making great photos
  • Vocals: unearthing musical talent
  • Vocal training workshop: 6 private lessons, 2 weeks
  • Kids weight loss program


Image Credit: Ginger Dance and Arts


Kids and teens dance: individual class: 65 AED
Kids and teens dance: 5 classes: 300 AED (valid for 4 weeks)
Kids and teens dance: 10 classes: 580 AED (valid for 8 weeks)
Kids weight loss program: 12 classes (capoeira, circuits training, hip-hop): 720 AED (valid for 10 weeks)
Kids Ballet: individual class: 65 AED


Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi AE