Melody House

Melody House

Melody House began in early 1993 as a company for musicians, artists, and the local communities around. By offering a wide variety of top tier brands, Melody House speaks to a diverse audience and provides rigorous services.


What We Do?

Melody House is a community-based music store that aims to join the people through music. From selling musical instruments to hosting activities and events, we provide the tools and space for artists of all mediums to gather and create the world of music.

Why We Do It?

Music connects us. From the moment we hear a melody, there is a power that engages our minds. We associate music to memories and emotions that unite each person. Listening to music either in one space or through a virtual world, that song that is played is shared by us all.

The melody creates a home.

Sound is one sensory element, yet there is far more. The touch of an instrument, textures of the material or the feeling of its weight. The smell of the new instrument when you first see it. The sight of the design, how the beauty of its shape can create sound.

We want to bring you the tools to create music. To build you a space to gather as a community of people that enjoy the power of music. 


Image Credit: Melody House

Opening hours

Mon–Thu 10:00–22:00, Fri 16:00–22:00, Sat–Sun 10:00–22:00.


+971 55 843 9157



The Shed, Warehouse 16, Street 8, Community 368, Al Quoz Industrial Area 3,