Neoversity Learning Centre

Neoversity Learning Centre

At Neoversity, we lead children on inspiring educational journeys which give them the skills needed to build a brighter future.


We give kids the space to explore their passions, whether science, technology, engineering, mathematics or the arts, in our warm, happy and inclusive learning centre. All our programmes, from after-school activities and private tutoring, through to holiday camps and even birthday parties, tap into the natural curiosity of your child and stimulate a life-long love of learning. By nurturing critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication skills in young minds today, we ensure they realise their full potential tomorrow.



Image Credit: Neoversity Learning Centre

Opening hours

Mon–Thu 09:00–21:00, Fri 14:00–21:00, Sat–Sun 09:00–21:00.




04 878 5956



Pavillion Al Furjan Jebel Ali Village