Paint Your Ceramics

Painting ceramics is fun for everyone regardless of skill level.


Team Building. If you need to put together a team-building activity for your work group and want something that’s a little different and unique, consider bringing your team to StepUp Ceramic Cafe.

Your team will get to know each other better and enjoy a team activity – no sweating or awkward icebreakers required! Plus, each team member will get to bring their special creation home after firing.

Think outside the box — and give your employees or team a fun, creative, educational, and unifying experience to remember — by booking your next team building event at StepUp Ceramic Café.


How it works

  1. Keep hands free from oils and lotions
  2. Wipe your bisque down with a damp sponge.
  3. Plan your design
  4. Always start with light colors
  5. You can paint dark colors over light colors but not light colors over dark
  6. Apply one coat for water color effect. For solid coverage apply 2-3 even coats.
  7. Do not exceed 3 coats.
  8. Apply paints in generous layers.
  9. Use Puffy Paint Colors at the end of your project. Don't use on the flat bottom of the piece. Do not apply puffy paint too heavily. Over application will cause the color to crack.
  10. Ask for guidance from our staff for more painting techniques.
  11. Soaking the paintbrushes in the glass of water spoils the paintbrush bristles and thus can badly spoil your work too. Lay the brush on its side, so it can rest when you are finished with it
  12. Sign your piece.


Image Credit: StepUp Ceramic Cafe




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