Quite Books

Quite Books

These quite books, designed to help young children learn and practice new skills.  


It is classified as an educational game where its activities are designed to suit infants and preschool children. Quite books are made of fabric such as cotton or apricot and are characterized by interactive activities and games for the child that help in developing children's intelligence and an ideal way to teach children indirectly and enjoy their time.

These activities help in the development and preparation of the child for the school stage, as it develops the fine motor skills and the sense of touch in the child, such as opening and closing clouds, buttons, and tying the rope. 

These tasks are often cleverly incorporated into familiar scenarios that children can relate to such as farm life  or patio animals  or washing clothes or preparing dinner

It was called the Quite Book because it contains a large number of fun activities that the child implements and keeps him quiet and busy while the mother takes a break during this time.

One of the advantages of these books is that they remain with the child for many years until they are transferred to every new child in the family.



  • When I Grow Up - AED 185
  • My Book Car - AED 195
  • My Big Day - AED 180


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When I Grow Up: 185 AED
My Book Car: 195 AED
My Big Day : 180 AED