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Creative Arts lesson for children 8-10 years

Creative Arts lesson for children 8-10 years

Get ready to explore the magical realm of art and drawing.


Together we will learn new techniques that will help you create new amazing drawings and illustrations.

 In this lesson:

  • Create simple pictures. What materials are best suited for drawing and how to best use them?
  • Examine the world of color and how to use it in your artistic creations. Examine how to mix colors together.
  • Learn step by step and you will also get some homework assignments so you can practice by yourself as well.

Date: Thursday, October 14,

Time: 17:15 - 18:00

How: Live coaching via Zoom

Learning goals:

  • Boost your creative expression.
  • Develop your improvisation skills.
  • Learn new ways of crafting.
  • Learn to mix colours.


  • No parental support needed
  • A computer or tablet with camera, internet connection and Zoom application.

Cost: AED 66


Image Credit: UpiOpi




cost: 66 AED