Upiopi is for families like yours...who want out-of-school time to be a joy-filled, guided, learning experience.


Upiopi gives your kids live online, holistic, balanced learning right in the comfort of your home. Every lesson is live and guided by our highly qualified coaches, who all use the Finnish education style. With Upiopi you can offer your kids the best in out-of-school education.

What is Upiopi?

Upiopi means... “Hupi” from the Finnish word for fun and “Opi” from the Finnish word for learn. So upiopi is “Fun, Joyful Learning”.

This means that our programs are designed to make both kids and parents happy. The kids get tons of joy while learning. And parents know that their kids are participating in programs that make a difference in their future.

Upiopi Future Skills: Smart, Happy, Creative, Active

What does balanced programs mean?

Upiopi balances the four future skills of happy, creative, active, and smart. This ensures that each program your child participates in is not only filled with joyful learning but also with the highest standards in education—even while at home.

Out-of-school Time Just Got Better

With upiopi you don’t have to just imagine or hope that your kids are making the most of their time after school. You’ll see It happening in your own home. You’ll hear their laughter. You’ll see their enthusiasm. You’ll know their success firsthand.

Ready to give your child the best of joy and learning? Get started with upiopi programs today.


Image Credit: Upiopi