10 Ultimate Things to Do with Kids in the Run-up to Christmas

Published 23 November 2023 at 10:00

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10 Ultimate Things to Do with Kids in the Run-up to Christmas

It’s officially December and Christmas creeps up ever closer. It means you are now most probably getting excited about family holiday activities over the festive period. Whether you opt for a Christmas performance, family brunch in a restaurant or atmospheric Christmas markets here is our selection of fun and festive ideas for what to do with kids in Hong Kong during December.

Boost Your Christmas Party with Festive Decorations and Supplies

In the approaching festive season, numerous enchanting destinations and captivating events await your visit. Maybe you're planning to explore Stanley Plaza's annual Christmas Market, immerse yourself in the holiday-themed festivities at Disneyland, marvel at the dazzling decorations illuminating Victoria Harbour, indulge in a lavish buffet dinner, and sing or enjoy Christmas carols? Or, perhaps, you are opting for a cozy celebration at home complete with a decorated Christmas tree, ornaments, a festive party, and thoughtful gifts and cards for loved ones? Whatever you choose - holiday anticipation is in the air!

If you're planning a snug Christmas gathering with your loved ones, there are several things to consider: decorations, preparations for the Christmas feast, and thought about entertaining Christmas party games. These tasks may seem overwhelming, but, fear not, as we've got you covered! 

PartyDroid is currently offering an ALL-IN-ONE Christmas Party Supplies and Balloons Decoration Set For 12 at a special price of 199 HKD. The package includes a comprehensive set of 122 Christmas-themed tableware and banners (featuring Santa Claus paper plates, cups, wooden utensils, table cover, a MERRY CHRISTMAS DIY letter banner, and more), along with a set of 19 balloon decorations (16-inch MERRY CHRISTMAS letter balloons and 5 Christmas-themed foil balloon decorations with cord and straw). All these items are original creations from the renowned North American art and design studio, Andrea Brooks Studio. The charming and family-friendly design not only adds a delightful touch to your Christmas dinner and desserts but also simplifies party preparation and post-dining cleanup.

For a limited time, when you purchase the ALL-IN-ONE Christmas Party Supplies and Balloons Decoration Set For 12 (CH0100) alongside the 19.5 Inch Christmas Pull String Piñata With 12Pcs 3.5 Inch Blind Capsules (PAC100) from the PartyDroid online store and use the promo code "23cparty" at checkout, you can enjoy free delivery service and an additional 30 HKD discount! This offer is valid until December 31st. Seize the opportunity to embrace the holiday spirit and make your Christmas party truly special! To find out more, click here before making your decision.

PartyDroid's ALL-IN-ONE Christmas Party Supplies and Balloons Decoration Set For 12 and 19.5 Inch Christmas Pull String Piñata With 12Pcs 3.5 Inch Blind Capsules are also conveniently available on HKTVmall for online shopping with delivery.

Contacts: Hello@PartyDroid.com, Whatsapp: 94198124.

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The 21st Classics for Kids Christmas Concert The Colors of Christmas 

Image Credit: SAR Philharmonic Orchestra 

Christmas is a magical time, full of joy and celebration. And what could be more enchanting than a classical music concert specially dedicated to children during this festive season? 

The Colors of Christmas, featuring the SAR Philharmonic Orchestra in collaboration with Bizibuz and Creative Collab, offers a heart-warming holiday experience within a 90-minute multi-sensory celebration of the colors and sounds of Christmas. 

Here, each piece is carefully chosen to convey the essence of the holiday spirit and spark children's imaginations. The angelic voices of the Christmas Choir singing carol and the orchestra performing a variety of all-time favorite tunes and songs can put anyone in the holiday mood! Through the music and songs, kids and adults will be transported to a world of dreams and fantasies, where the Christmas spirit manifests itself in a magical way. So, without a doubt, this concert can become an annual tradition for the whole family. 

And, here is an early Christmas present for the children: all kids seated in Row A18 – 33 and Row B23 - 41 (ticket price $650 holders) are invited to conduct the orchestra! 

This interaction between the musicians and the children creates a lively and fun atmosphere in which everyone feels involved and enthusiastic. Or, your kids can become a part of the performance as a member of the Christmas Choir! To get ready, kids should join one of the Creative Collab’s classes to prepare for an exciting performance opportunity.

Also, you can also step into Santa’s shoes as you make a really important and useful gift: a portion of the ticket price goes to support the musical scholarships. Ans, you can make additional donations to support the case.

Use promo code SAR10 to get a 10% discount


  • Sat 02 Dec 2023 2:30 pm; 
  • Sat 02 Dec 2023 6:30 pm; 
  • Sun 03 Dec 2023 11:00 am; 
  • Sun 03 Dec 2023 2:30 pm.

Timing: approx. 90 mins (without interval)

Ticket Pricing: 650 HKD / 450 HKD / 350 HKD / 250 HKD

Location: The Hong Kong Jockey Club Amphitheatre, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Wanchai

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Spanish Christmas Open Day

Image Credit: The Spanish Academy

Attend the celebration at our delightful Spanish Christmas Open Day on Sunday, December 24th! Geared toward kids and teens, this event promises loads of fun and excitement. Get ready for a fantastic time as we unveil the schedule for this unforgettable open day!

  • 9:00 - 10:00 > 2 to 5 years old
  • 10:30 - 11:30 > 6 to 9 years old
  • 12:00 - 13:00 > 10 to 14 years old

Join the festivities at Suites 701 Keen Hung Commercial Building, 80 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai, for a day packed with excitement! Engage your child in a variety of activities, from entertaining games to creative crafts and festive songs—all designed to captivate their interest while immersing them in the beauty of the Spanish language.

Our team of experienced and friendly professionals will be on hand to guide your child through these engaging activities, ensuring a fantastic time filled with laughter and learning. This event offers a delightful opportunity for your child to discover a new language in a playful and interactive environment.

Don't let your child miss out on the magic of our Spanish Christmas Open Day! Secure your spot now and let the holiday spirit soar as we come together in celebration.

When: 24 December, 09:00–13:00.

Age: 2-14

Location: Hong Kong, Suites 701 Keen Hung Commercial Building, 80 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai24 December, 09:00–13:00.

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Organize a Christmas Pyjama Day

Photo Credit: Michael Nunes / unsplash.com

All kids love to create a Pyjama Day, as their imagination runs wild whilst waiting for Santa’s arrival. This year, you can easily make Christmas nights extra special with a festive-themed clothing range at Marks&Spencer. It's a charming way to welcome back everyone's festive favourites – the super-cosy novelty nightwear featuring beloved Christmas characters and patterns. Match the chosen pyjamas to your robes and slippers to take your family festive look up a level. Your spouse and kids won't be able to resist the temptations of waking up in the early hours of Christmas morning in these cute outfits.

Read Christmas Stories as a Family

Credit: video from BookTrust YouTube channel

Reading with your child is vital and there is no better time to share stories as a family than at Christmas. Although it is fantastic family fun, finding time and energy over the festive period can be a tricky task. It's best to put aside some time for reading with kids every day whilst waiting for Santa’s arrival. Get the whole family sitting comfortably next to the fabulously decorated Christmas tree and start reading. There are an enormous number of Christmas stories at the online Bookstore, so you can read together to get fully in the festive spirit. In the meantime, watch the video by experts above to find top tips on how to make reading fun.

Shop and Eat at the Cutest Christmas Fairs & Markets

Photo Credit: Roman Kraft / unsplash.com

Friends, welcome to heaven. In the run-up to Christmas, Hong Kong will host an array of festive fairs and markets. Everything here is about exclusivity, rarity and entertainment. Shop the chicest small brands from around the world, feast on delicious traditional cuisine or brilliantly presented Reindeer-themed ice cream, enjoy spectacular live shows and fun games, try your hands at the various hands-on workshops and walk through the twinkling Christmas stalls spread out across Hong Kong’s picturesque streets. You’re sure to find presents for the whole family!

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Watch a Christmas Movie in a Cinema

Photo Credit: shutterstock.com

When the Christmas tree is up and the seasonal shopping is done, watching movies filled with festive cheer is one of our favourite things to do. But what about paying a visit to a cinema during this period? It is a charming way to cope with the pre-holiday fuss. Hong Kong's famed cinema exhibitors with its multiplexes in every corner of the city are seriously getting into the holiday spirit with a host of family films. The impressively wide variety of cinema types featuring family-friendly screenings are pretty top-notch. Expect a broad choice of movies, convenience and unparalleled comfort, or even food and beverage if you like. Whether your idea of a family film screening is an action movie or funny animation, there is something to suit each family. Check out all the best Christmas movies available in Hong Kong’s cinemas.

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DIY Make Salt Dough. Craft Ideas

Credit: video from DIY with Ollie YouTube channel

Feeling crafty? Ever imagined what it might be like to create a keepsake for your family for decades to come? Discover how to make adorable salt dough ornaments to display on your Christmas tree! This salt dough will certainly become a fabulous DIY Christmas decoration quick and easy to make with kids at home.

Explore Hong Kong’s Best Christmas Events with TickiKids

Photo Credit: Bruce Mars / unsplash.com

There are many more festive merry-making events and activities happening during December in Hong Kong including festivals, Santa's live shows, the cutest Christmas performances, touching family film screenings, comprehensive Christmas cookery classes, workshops, atmospheric fairs and markets scattered around the city. Consult our guide to the best events that will make you seriously smug about living in Hong Kong.

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