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The First Teachers Training

The First Teachers Training

You Are Your Child’s First Teacher! Learn how to nurture a life-long love of reading to set them on a path to success.


Literacy development begins long before your child starts primary school. As your child's first teacher, you can enhance cognitive development, communication skills and family bonding and by reading aloud together for a shared love for books.

Parents play a critical role during the early stages of reading acquisition – how the child learns to read can affect their lifelong reading habits. By using some simple, fun and effective strategies, children can happily transition from listening to stories to reading on their own.

The whole family can enjoy how to write and make home-made books, incl. pop up, ‘quick-fold’ ladder, concertina and shape books. By composing an original story, your child learns how sounds, letters, and words form meaningful text that can be read over and over.

Parents will also learn how to use the Language Experience approach which links dictation to writing and reading. Numerous sample home-made books will be available and participants will have an opportunity to share the books that they make together.

Three Workshops by Julie Fowlkes are available - choose, see details and register!


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For parents


Course Fee From: 400 HKD
To: 1100 HKD

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