Cali-Mex Tequeria @ Central

Cali-Mex Tequeria @ Central

                                                                                  “Here, at Cali-Mex we maintain a fresh produce philosophy , offering a range of ingredients selected from the best locations around the world.”


 The Cali-Mex story began with a road-trip from North America to Mexico.


They became obsessed with American-style Mexican food – burritos, tacos, nachos and quesadillas – but the ultimate favourites were the light, fresh and healthy variety they found in the Golden State of California. Lunch, dinner and sometimes late at night, a little worse for wear, they were always a total satisfaction - simple, light and tasty – with quality meat and fresh ingredients. Fast food made good!

Cali-Mex Food Lab is used primarily for prepping food, storage, training, but also as a test kitchen to whip up new comfort dishes for our menu . Cali-Mex’s Taqueria, Bar & Grill menu are constantly updated with new specials and deserts month to month. Cali-Mex is the only company in Asia with such heavy lifting tortilla machines. They rely on a daily-made fresh Tortillas with 5 staff manning the two machines, the flour machine creates 1,000 tortillas per hour, where as the corn machine produces 3,000 an hour -meaning a lot of Gluten-Free tortillas for all of Hong Kong.


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Cali-Mex, 71 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong