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Explore all the wonderful activities and events we have available for kids of all ages!


Chocolart Studio emphasises on both creativity and artistic skills in our painting courses!

  • Creative Kids Art Workshop for 3 - 8 years old - this wonderful workshop is designed for our younger artists. Have your kids spend one lesson per week in our beautiful studio having a blast with their peers as they explore their creativity.
  1. Medium of Instruction: Cantonese / ECutnglish/ Mandarin    
  2. Course fee: 1 session - $330, 4 sessions - $1,210, 5 sessions - HK$1,438; 8 sessions - $2,180
  3. 1 hour per session
  4. Class size: 4-6 students
  5. Package validity: 4 sessions for 2 months; 8 sessions for 3 months
  •  Artistic Junior Art Workshop for 9 - 15 years old - a fun, dynamic and exciting extra-curricular art session designed for young people to discover their creativity through exploring the diverse world of art. Choco L'art Studio will introduce kids to different mediums and tools and to stretch their mind. Students will explore oil paint, acrylic paint on canvas, oil pastels, charcoal, digital drawing and painting and mixed media.
  1. Course fee: 1 session - $390; 4 sessions - $1,430, 5-sessions - HK$1,685; 8 sessions - $2,530
  2. 1.5 hours session
  3. Class size: 4-6 students
  4. Package validity: 4 sessions for 2 months; 8 sessions for 3 months 
  • Digital Drawing Workshop (6 -15 years old) - this workshop is tailor made for kids who are interested in learning digital drawing!In the Digital Drawing Workshop, students can either use a computer and drawing tablet or a tablet and stylus to create their works. Students will be divided into groups according to their skill level: beginners and advanced. Students with no prior digital art experience are required to take beginner level classes, while those who have experience drawing digitally will have their work assessed by our instructor in order to place them.

* First Trial class fee: HK$200/session 

Digital Art Workshop 

  • 4-session package: HK$1,630 (1.5 hours per class) 
  • 8-session package HK$2,880 (1.5 hours per class) 

Package Discounts:

  • New Students early bird HK$100 off 
  • 8 sessions get HK$100 off, Two 8- class packages HK$300 off


  1. Choco L'art Studio Wanchai: 2B, Yan King Court 119-121 Queen's Rd East
  2. Choco L'art Studio Central: 1/F 52 Gage Street Central


Image Credit: ChocoLart Choco L'ART Studio


21 February - 31 May, See the website for the opening hours.




Fee from: 1630 HKD
First Trial class fee, session: 200 HKD


Hong Kong
2B, Yan King Court 119-121 Queen's Rd East | 1/F 52 Gage Street Central

How to get there?

Choco L'art Studio Wanchai

  • 2B, Yan King Court 119-121 Queen's Rd East

MTR Wanchai Exit D

Choco L'art Studio Central

  • 1/F 52 Gage Street Central