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Disney Princess – LIVE YOUR TRUE SELF

Disney Princess – LIVE YOUR TRUE SELF

Kind, courageous, strong-willed, and adventurous – each Disney Princess's strength, personality and charm make her special and unique. Their ability to overcome adversity by showing their true self inspired us growing up.

This autumn, come and join Cityplaza for a new enchanted experience at the Disney Princess-themed event to explore what makes you special! Staged in collaboration with The Walt Disney Company in Hong Kong, "Disney Princess – LIVE YOUR TRUE SELF" will take place from 30 October to 22 November at the Atrium and Centre Bridge of Cityplaza.

Join us at Cityplaza to get inspired to "LIVE HAPPY" by four Disney Princesses and reconnect with your own inner self!

In Cityplaza's Atrium, refresh your energy and drive as you celebrate the determination, courage, kindness and adventurous spirit of four beloved Disney Princesses: Cinderella, Ariel, Belle and Rapunzel.

On the Centre Bridge, you can explore four colourful themed zones with sizeable Disney Princess-themed art installations, each dedicated to a different beloved Disney Princess. Embark on a journey of self-discovery with exciting opportunities that let your true self shine through!

At "Steadfast Starlight", demonstrate confidence and persistence in Cinderella's shimmering star race. Join Rapunzel on an adventurous search for her floating lanterns at "Up for Adventure" – and don't forget to get a shot of the delightful lanterns in flight with your phone!

Belle kindly welcomes you to "Kindness in Bloom", where you can admire giant luminous roses in an incomparable photo opportunity.

Lastly, be inspired by Ariel's intrepid courage as you take a "Voyage Under the Sea" and dive into an underwater world to discover dazzling surprises!

During the month-long "LIVE YOUR TRUE SELF" promotion, Cityplaza will present an exclusive range of delightful Disney Princess-themed merchandise at the LOG-ON "Disney Princess Limited-time Pop-up Store". What's more? Hong Kong's one-and-only LOG-ON Café at Cityplaza is transforming into a princess-themed restaurant in collaboration with Hot Toys and their CosbabyDisney Princess series. Enjoy an unrivalled dining experience infused with the magical ambience synonymous with the Disney Princesses.


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