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You're invited to Ms. Lee's "Holiday Luncheon Dining Tutorial"

You're invited to Ms. Lee's "Holiday Luncheon Dining Tutorial"

Do you dread hearing relatives comment about your child's table manners?

You're not alone!

When you're a busy parent who's tired at the end of a long day and maybe struggling with a picky eater, the last you want to do is nag your child about table manners - even when you feel it's imporant for kids to learn.

That's why a family dining tutorial is the perfect solution!

Come join this unique family event where Ms. Bernice Lee, Hong Kong's Trusted Etiquette Expert, teaches the whole family essential formal Western table manners.  You'll learn how to take your seat, use napkins, read place settings, and eat in the Continental or American style while enjoying a delicious 3-course French lunch.   Instruction is conducted in English.

I guarantee your kids will leave the class feeling happy - and you'll smile and beam with pride when you receive compliments about your kids at the next special occasion!



Ms. Lee has personally taught over 2,000 people coming from 23 countries.  She offers her children's etiquette classes in seven country clubs as well as in schools.  Her corporate clients have included J.P. Morgan, Estee Lauder, CITIC Private Equity, and Pacific Medical Systems.  Born and raised in Canada, she holds degrees from Yale and Cornell, etiquette certication from the United States, and previosuly had a 10-year corporate career in multinational corporations in the U.S. and Hong Kong.



"...neither of us have been particularly strict with table manners and when we have been, there was little follow through .... When we spend time with our extended families, manners around the table are noticed and sometimes (more often than not), comments are made.

After having lunch with you, which we thoroughly enjoyed, we are now more confident with regards to what our children can absorb.  They are also more confident in their own skills and strive to show how “adult” they are.  Savanna (age 6) woke up the next morning and proceeded to show us how she could use adult utensils and slice her eggs.  She did so perfectly.  In fact, she prides herself as the “enforcer” while watching for airplane wings or elbows on the table.  Dylan (age 10) is a more confident diner and now embraces the challenge of using an adult knife.  In the short term, we aim to discard the childrens’ plastic utensils and make a full transition.

... the lunch was not a chore, but a great family experience and opportunity for all to share in new knowledge and being painlessly reminded of things we might have forgotten.  We have no hesitation in recommending ELI and yourself to friends and fellow American Club members and having the setting of an intimate lunch was the perfect venue for a family."

    ~ Mr. and Mrs. Burgess

"I thoroughly enjoyed my evening with Bernice, learning about eitquette.  I wasn't really expecting to enjoy it.  I knew I'd learn things but I thought I'd be a bit naughty because I don't like being told what to do!  But Bernice is a wonderful teacher.  I really, really enjoyed it and I've learned some handy new tips to help me feel confident when I go out socially."

     ~ Mrs. K. Ponta


"It was super fun.  We got to fill out worksheets and the food was really good.  More than half of the things I learned I didn't know before.  It's just been a really cool experience.  I'll always remember this because I learned so much.  It was fantastic.  Thanks!"

     ~  T. Hall, age 9

"I learned different ways to remember the skills.  I can improve my manners and appear more polite.  I'd love to come back to learn more about it because this is just Level 1."

     ~ M. Hall, age 11




New Students: 980 HKD (age 7+)
Parents: 600 HKD (ELI Graduates(age 7-17) & Parents)

Telephone number

+(852) 6624 3277



Hong Kong
La Parole, 3/F, The Pemberton, 22-26 Bonham Strand Road, Sheung Wan

How to get there?

Sheung Wan MTR Station, Exit A2