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Yamuna Ball Rolling Class For Body Pain

Yamuna Ball Rolling Class For Body Pain

Release lower back pain, free your hip joints and treat stiff shoulders in this self-myofascial release class using the ground-breaking Yamuna Method.

Work the whole body and alleviate body pain employing balls to self-heal from bone to muscle. Yamuna Body Rolling was invented as an alternative solution that worked when all others did not: orthopedics, chiropractics, massages, foam rollers, Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. Enjoy other benefits from increased flexibility and improved blood circulation to the breaking down of scar tissue. Suitable for all levels.

 Group Drop in Rate HK$340; HK$280 with Credit Package. Get 50% off your first Group Drop in class with the code TRIAL50

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✆ +852 5740 9420

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✆ +852 5740 5103


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