10 amazing indoor games perfect for winter/rainy days

10 amazing indoor games perfect for winter/rainy days

We all know that staying inside during winter or rainy days can be a little boring, especially for young kids or toddlers that need to stay active during the day, and have shorter periods of attention. However, with a bit of creativity and few materials that you can find right at home, you can create fun entertaining games for them that Will keep them busy for a while. Here are 10 of the best options you can try:


1. Rolled-socks ball:

Benefit: Great for developing fine motor skills.

Materials: This is a really simple yet entertaining game, and all you need will be some beanbags or rolled-socks, and some recipients of different sizes like laundry baskets or empty boxes.

Instructions: All you need to do is give your children the beanbags and show them how to gently toss them into the recipients. This is a great activity for toddlers between 18 and 40 months old that will keep them busy for around 10 to 20 minutes.


2. Create an pillow obstacle course:

Benefit: Helps them develop gross motor skills and burn some energy. It works great with kids between 3 and 5, but even the older ones will have fun.

Materials: This is great if you have more than one kid as you can even make a little competition for them. Best of all, is that you will only need some pillows, sheets and stuff around your house.

Instructions: Use pillows as obstacles they need to jump and sheets to create tunnels and that’s it! You can time them to see who completes the course faster, while they are developing their motor skills and burning some energy at the same time. Just make sure you explain them this is and special activity they can only do with your supervision.


3. Golfing with a shoe box:

Yes, golfing inside the house can be possible with a few materials you probably already have.

Benefit: This game is perfect for kids between the ages of 3 and 5, as they will train both their motor skills and their hand-eye coordination, especially important during this stage of developing.

Materials: You will need a shoebox, crayons, scissors, masking tape and a small ball like a golf or ping-pong ball.

Instructions: The instructions are pretty simple: first, take the lid of the shoe box and cut a whole right in the middle big enough to fit the ball. Ask your kid to decorate the lid on the inside as this will be the part they’ll see. Once the decoration is over, take the lid and tape it with the masking tape to the shoe box, leaving the inside part of the lid up. Place the ball in the lid and ask your kid to move the box back and forth to try to get the ball into the whole. That’s it! Simple and fun.


4. Matching boxes:

Benefit: If you have some leftover paper from a recent birthday or holiday, don’t throw it away as you can use it for this game that will help your toddlers to train their problem-solving skills.

Materials: different boxes of different sizes (it’s important for the boxes to have a lid), wrapping paper, scissors, glue, decorations if you like.

Instructions: use the wrapping paper to wrap the different boxes, making sure you always keep the lid separated from the box. Add some decorations if your kid wants to. Spread the boxes and lids in piles keeping them separated, and then ask your kid to match the lid with the proper box according to the paper they are wrapped on.


5. Singing books:

Benefits: Reinforce their reading skills and creativity.

Materials: Books.

Instructions: Just pick a random book and ask your kids that instead of reading it, he/she has to sing the words of the book or you can sing a Happy Song here: https://youtu.be/pNL1pVw0Z8Y


6. Walking like a crab:

Benefit: Besides gross motor skills, it helps them develop balance.

Materials: Stuffed animals if necessary.

Instructions: It’s so simple! Just teach your kids to walk like a crab and make them race with each other or with you! And, if you want to increase the level of difficulty, use stuffed animals that they have to balance in their stomachs while walking like crabs.


7. ABC Hunt:

Benefit: Reinforce letters knowledge.

Materials: Small baskets and different stuff around your house.

Instructions: If your kids are learning the letters this is a great game for them to practice. Hand them with baskets and ask them to go around the house collecting items that start with each letter of the alphabet. You can start with just vocals for younger kids.


8. Mysterious box:

Benefit: It helps them develop their logic and problem-solving skills.

Materials: A box, different small items, a blindfold.

Instructions: Blindfold your kid, then place different objects inside the box. Once blindfolded ask him/her to take and object from the box and try to identify what it is without seeing it.


9. Listening game:

Benefit: It helps them with their listening abilities and concentration.

Materials: Different items such as pens, books, vessels, bottles, clocks, etc.

Instructions: First, place all the items on the table and make sure your kids watch them for a period of time to take a mental image of them. Once he/she is ready, take all the items away and ask them to close their eyes or blindfold them. Then, take one item and make a sound with it and ask your kid to guess which item it is by listening to it.


10. Jumping the numbers:

Benefit: So simple and it’s perfect for when your kids are learning the numbers besides helping develop their gross motor skills.

Materials: You will only need some paper sheets or cardboards and some markets.

Instructions: Write down the numbers from 1 to 10, each number in a different sheet. Place it on the floor and if you have more than one kid, explain to them that thy will have to take turns. Shout and number and the first kid have to jump to it, then it’s the other kid’s turn, do the same. Try not shouting the numbers in order to give it an element of surprise. You can also use songs about numbers and ask the kids to dance to it.

An that’s it! 10 different fun and easy games to play with your kids on those days you have to stay inside, you will keep then entertained while they also learn one thing or two!

Here's a good video for the Jumping the numebers game.


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