HK Dragons

Something that many of the children and young people in our Hong Kong community share is a passion and enthusiasm for football.


Aside from being a great fun sport, football teaches kids many fundamental values – such as team-work, fair play and competitive spirit – that will assist them throughout their lives, in many different ways. It is also a fantastic way for them to stay fit & healthy, build self-confidence, get lots of fresh air and sunshine, and spend time with their friends.

We at the HK Dragons Football Club share that passion and enthusiasm. The club has been created to give youngsters in HK a place where they can learn the skills of the game in a safe and fun environment. A place where they are motivated to try new things, become proficient at playing, and realize their full potential; both on and off the pitch.

Our emphasis is on fun, yet we pride ourselves on our professional and structured approach to learning. Our coaches have combined experience of over 25 years on the playing field, and professional qualifications in youth coaching and child growth & development. We tailor each of our football coaching sessions to suit the student’s level of ability, and we nurture each child so they improve their skills and make real progress.


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