Honey Bee Family Club

Little Bee Kids Club will strive to provide a healthy and enjoyable learning environment, cultivate children's creativity and initiative, and inspire their potential to build self-confidence.


The Honey Bee Family Club is comprised of educators who are passionate about education and dedicated to providing quality educational and professional services to parents and children, including parent-child play classes of all ages Playgroup, Pre-school, concentration and social development courses. In addition, as the name implies, Little Bee Kids Concert will also take into account the needs of parents and hold regular parent-child talks to share skills and experiences in educating children.

Their mission:
Through diversified games and parent-child activities, children's learning interest can be raised to enhance children's cognition, creativity, emotional control and social skills.


Image Credit: Honey Bee Family Club

Opening hours

Tue–Sun 09:30–18:00.


+(852) 2167 8928
+(852) 2264 0628​
+(852) 2370 1992
+(852) 2558 3138



Hong Kong
Flat 14, 16/F, Nan Fung Centre, 264-298 Castle Peak Road,. Tsuen Wan, N.T.

How to get there?

(Tsuen Wan MTR Exit A)