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Virtual Tour of Highlighted Exhibits

Virtual Tour of Highlighted Exhibits

Energy Machine

The 22-metre-high "Energy Machine" of the Hong Kong Science Museum occupies four-storeys of space, it stands prominently in the centre of various exhibition halls. This huge exhibit demonstrates energy conversion through the movement of balls down the towers. When set in motion, a continuous stream of balls will roll along tracks within and between the two towers like a roller coaster, producing dramatic sounds and visual effects. This video documents the operation of "Energy Machine". By making use of aerial videography, this video presents the ball's wonderful trip from extraordinary point of views.


The DC-3 Airplane "Betsy"

The DC-3 airplane "Betsy" in the Hong Kong Science Museum was donated by Cathay Pacific. As Cathay Pacific's first airplane, "Betsy" is an iconic exhibit in the Museum. Making use of aerial videography, the video allows you to appreciate "Betsy" up close and to get to know more about its structure from different angles.

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