Dinosaurs of Antarctica 3D

Dinosaurs of Antarctica 3D

Have you ever wondered what Antarctica was like before the deep freeze set in?

Utilising top-tier computer graphics, the 3D Dome Show "Dinosaurs of Antarctica 3D" reconstructs Antarctica's hidden-greener-past when it was warm and forested with newly-discovered dinosaurs and bug-eyed creatures roaming freely. As we follow the hunt with Cryolophosaurus, the largest known early Jurassic carnivore on Earth, we learn that survival in the prehistoric Antarctica was no easy task. The drone and camera technology then brings us back to the magnificent and breathtaking vistas of the now-frozen Antarctica. Let us join a team of dedicated scientists to find the fossils of those distinctive dinosaurs and understand the ice continent's profound transformation.

Welcome to the lost prehistoric world of Gondwana. Welcome to Antarctica.


Image Credit: Hong Kong Space Museum


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