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The Spotlight Goes to… ANIMALS!

The Spotlight Goes to… ANIMALS!

Lion King, Bambi, Mickey Mouse… Ever wonder why animals are so popular in animations?


Imagination is the key! With imagination even an ant or an elephant could become the most interesting protagonist in an animation that children could easily empathise with. The Spotlight Goes to… ANIMALS! shows a selection of animations featuring animals as the main character. Among them are 7 episodes of Animanimals created by the German animation artist Julia Ocker, who excels in capturing the unique characteristics of different animals with a simple yet adorable drawing style. First started in 2017, Animanimals has become various film festivals' favourite.

Features interactive activities conducted in Cantonese

Approximate running time: 90

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Image Credit: Giffoni Film Festival




Ticket: 70 HKD



Hong Kong
Hong Kong