Link Centre

Link Centre

Linkage is the function of connecting EMs to the community and hence accessing public services
Integrate is adjacent to realize social and racial harmonious relations
Needs are the motivators for actions against difficulties
Knowledge is the power overcoming barriers

LINK Centre serves as a service station in Kwai Tsing district to assist ethnic minorities(EM) to overcome difficulties arising from adapting to life in Hong Kong.


The centre facilitates and accelerates the process of integrating EMs into the community, enable them to access to public services without being discriminated and, enhance young EMs to unfold their potentials and enrich their psychological well-being.


Every EM can achieve his/her dreams using his/her fullest potential, participate in and contribute to all aspects of life, and enjoy harmonious relations in our community.


  • Catering the needs of EMs in Hong Kong and Kwai Tsing district in particular
  • Empower EMs with language efficiency and job related knowledge and skills to attain social capability
  • Enable EMs to alleviate poverty through better networking skills and knowledge of community resources
  • Create opportunities for EMs to participate in and contribute to community building
  • Enhance mutual understanding between EMs and the local community to facilitate community cohesiveness


  • Assist EMs to break the language barrier and encourage them to interact with local people as well as becoming responsible citizens of Hong Kong
  • Assist EMs to attain equal educational opportunities and to reduce the risk of falling into poverty and inter-generational poverty
  • Assist EMs to build social network and enhance social capital
  • Assist EMs to adapt multi-cultural environment and to achieve social integration

Regular Services

  • Sight Translation Service

LINK Centre recruits EM staff with different ethnic background and able to communicate in English and/or Chinese. They will provide sight-translation service to Non-Chinese and English speaking EMs. EM staff will provide verbal translation and explanation in their respective languages, such as Urdu, Hindi, Nepal, Bahasa, Indonesia, etc.

  • Counseling and Referral Service

The registered social worker will assess the service user’s problem and give immediate and appropriate help, including apply for tangible service, professional counseling, or referral to appropriate government department or agencies. EM staff could assist in translating if necessary.

  • Reaching Out Service

LINK Centre proposes to conduct reaching out service which includes a number of home visiting to EMs.

  • Job Matching and Referral Service

LINK Centre establishes network with enterprise which are interested in recruit EM workers. The service user who are fit for some vacancy, Link Centre will refer them to the appropriate company. If the EM job seekers are failed in the application during the job matching and referral service, they will be referred to employment consultation service to get advice and supervision.

  • Employment Consultation Service

LINK Centre provides individual employment consultation service. The responsible social worker will help clients to understand their personality types, potentials, interest and abilities so as to make appropriate decision and plan for career development, or give them some advice for setting employment goals and enhancing employment abilities, such as refer them to participate in language classes, employment training workshop and so on.

  • Community Resources Support Service

LINK Centre allocates space in the centre to set up a Community Resource Corner. The Corner is composed of, Reception Counter, Social Information Booth, Learning & Entertainment Corner / Toy library, Internet Corner and Youth Activity Room. Newspapers, books, social service leaflets, computers, television and children toys and games are installed in the corner.


Image Credit: Hong Kong Community Network-Link Centre

Opening hours

Tue–Sun 09:00–21:00.


+(852) 3955 1555



Hong Kong
Shop B-E, G/F, Cheong Nin Building, 1013-1033 Kwai Chung Road, Kwai Chung, N.T.

How to get there?


Kwai Hing Station Exit A

Directions to LINK Centre:

1.Get off at Kwai Hing MTR station exit A

2.Turn left and walk straight forward along the Kwai Hing Road.

3.Go across the road when you see the building in pink (Wo Tong Tsui Street).

4.Walk straight forward along Wo Tong Tsui Street and you will see DBS Bank and Mcdonalds.

5.Turn left after you walk pass Mcdonalds

6.Soon you will see LINK Centre next to the bus stop!

Bus : 

30.31M.32M.36A.38A. 40.40X.43A.46P. 46X.47X.57M.59A. 61M.67M.235M.260C.935.E32