Little Beetles Hong Kong

Little Beetles Hong Kong

Little Beetles' philosophy is to bring happy childhoods to families.


Starting from an early childhood education center, Leitlle Beetles has developed into a school supplier, retailer, wholesaler, and children's playroom designer. For more than a decade, it has been trusted by the German HABA Company and has been appointed as their general agent in Hong Kong. Little Beetles became Masterkidz's Hong Kong distributor in 2015 and it's committed to bringing a wide range of quality toys and furniture to children and parents.

Regardless of curriculum design, or promotion of toys, teaching aids, and play environment design, Little Beetles cooperation with HABA has always been of high quality. 


Image Credit: Little Beetles HK

Opening hours

Mon–Sun 10:30–18:30.


Playroom booking and any other inquiries:
+(852) 2512 6353



Hong Kong
G/F 7 Yuen Yuen Street, Happy Valley