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Disney Classics Library

Disney Classics Library

Disney classics have accompanied generations of children, imparting important lessons like the importance of pursuing one’s dream with courage, shouldering one’s responsibilities and persevering despite difficulties. Among the much-loved stories and characters – the valiant Lion King, kind and honest Pinocchio, forever young Peter Pan, self-actualised Dumbo and inquisitive Bambi – which one speaks to you the most?  

Olympian City is opening the doors of the “Disney Classics Library” to you and your loved ones. The 5-story zones will make some of the memorable scenes and beloved characters come alive in addition to taking photos with the larger-than-life installations, you can rediscover the Disney Classics through a variety of interactive experiences!

You can also take part in interactive AR games around Olympian City in search for surprises about the Disney Classics and see the stories through new lenses. Upon completing the designated missions, you may have chance to redeem a one-of-a-kind special gift!

Five Disney Classics Zones

S+ REWARDS members and Olympian Kids members can participate once in any of 3 experiences with designated points – “The Jungle Party”, “The Circus Experience” and “The Dream Code” – and stand the chance to win gifts. The gifts are available while stocks last.

  • 1 Game

S+ REWARDS members: 3 Points  Olympian Kids: 300 Kids Points

  • 1 Game + 3 Stickers

S+ REWARDS members: 5 Points  Olympian Kids: 500 Kids Points

  • 3 Games

S+ REWARDS members: 8 Points  Olympian Kids: 800 Kids Points

  • Date: 20.11 – 19.12.2021 (Saturdays & Sundays only) and 22.12.2021 – 2.1.2022
  • Time: 12nn-8pm (Last registration: 7:15pm)

The Jungle Party - Lion cub Simba experienced numerous hardships and tests before finally learning to accept the responsibilities of adulthood and succeeding his late father Mufasa to become the king of Pride Rock. Simba’s buddies Timon and Pumbaa and shaman Rafiki will be helping Simba on his way to the throne. Participants who have completed the challenge will receive a limited-edition Lion King puzzle. Prizes are available on a first-come, first-served basis while stocks last.

The Circus Experience - With help and encouragement from his friend, Dumbo gradually built his self-confidence and dignity. In the process, he discovered that he could fly with his giant ears, which eventually made him a celebrity. Dumbo had a confident smile when he faced the audience of the circus. As long as you step onto the stage with confidence like Dumbo and successfully complete the juggling challenge, you will be rewarded a Dumbo party hat. Prizes are available on a first-come, first-served basis while stocks last.

The Dream Code - Peter Pan is a child who never grows up. With the Darlings children and the Lost Boys, he combats Captain Hook and his crew of pirates on the island of Neverland, while enjoying their carefree childhood. Visit the Peter Pan zone and walk through the life-size installation for a close encounter with your childhood hero and a heart-to-heart with Tinker Bell. Do you believe in dreams like Peter Pan? If you do, pick up the magical spyglass to look for the dream code. Once you find it, you will receive a memo pad for jotting down your own spontaneous dreams! Prizes are available on a first-come, first-served basis while stocks last.

The Adventure Theatre - Pinocchio’s wish to become a real human boy was granted because he has proven himself brave, truthful and selfless. Fans should head over to “Pinocchio Adventure Theatre” for a good look at the 3-metre-tall Pinocchio installation. Want to know what secrets lie behind the story? Get in the puppet show with Pinocchio to find out.

Life in Woods Snapshots - A favourite character among girls, Bambi bravely accepts the challenges of life in the woods as he grows from a fawn into a young stag. Visit the snapshots zone to capture memorable moments of growing up with Bambi and his friends, and be touched once again by the Disney Classics.

Unveil surprises hidden in Disney Classics with help of AR

Complete missions and collect characters to redeem limited-edition gifts

Olympian City is recreating the world of Disney Classics from a new perspective – AR technology will be used to unveil surprises from the captivating stories! Download the OC+ mobile app to engage in a series of interactive AR games. Upon completing the missions, users will be able to unlock different characters. Those who collect all characters will be eligible to redeem a one-of-a-kind notebook with self-selected combination of the characters or take part in puppet pin making.

Please refer to the Olympian City Facebook for the redemption start date.

Disney Classics Gift Redemption Programme

S+ REWARDS members and Olympian Kids members can redeem Disney Classics merchandise with designated S+ REWARDS points and Kids points. Available on a first-come, first-served basis while stocks last.

  • Gift: Dumbo / Pinocchio / The Lion King A4 Folder ( valued at HK$25)

Redemption Start Date: 17.11.2021 (Wed)

S+ REWARDS Members: 20 points ( With “Olympian Kids” badge: 15 Points)

Olympian Kids: 1,500 Kids points

  • Gift: Dumbo makeup pouch ( valued at HK$140)

Redemption Start Date: 24.11.2021 (Wed)

S+ REWARDS Members: 200 Points (With “Olympian Citizen” badge: 180 Points)

Olympian Kids: 20,000 Kids Points

  • Gift: Pinocchio cutlery set (valued at HK$100)

Redemption Start Date: 1.12.2021 (Wed)

S+ REWARDS Members: 100 Points (With “Olympian Citizen” badge: 80 Points)

Olympian Kids: 10,000 Kids Points

  • Gift: Bambi eco-friendly shopping bag (valued at HK$150)

Redemption Start Date: 8.12.2021 (Wed)

S+ REWARDS Members: 100 Points (With “Olympian Citizen” badge: 80 Points)

Olympian Kids: 10,000 Kids Points

  • Gift: Dumbo blanket with pouch (valued at HK$360)

Redemption Start Date: 8.12.2021 (Wed)

S+ REWARDS Members: 350 Points (With “Olympian Citizen” badge: 320 Points)

Olympian Kids: 35,000 Kids Points

Disney Classics pop-up store

How can a magical Christmas experience be without shopping! Find at the pop-up store a wide range of Disney Classics products, some of which are exclusively sold at Olympian City, you will find some great Christmas gift ideas. Meanwhile, S⁺ REWARDS members and Olympian Kids can get 1 free Olympian City-only Disney Classics Postcard while present of their electronic membership card upon spending of HK$200 or above at the pop-up store!

The Olympian City-exclusive postcards featuring designs of Disney Classics posters are collectors’ dream.

If you want to send the postcards to fellow Disney fans here in the city or living abroad this Christmas, they can be purchased at the pop-up store (a total of six designs), where you can also emboss the cards with DIY stamps and greetings to share warm holiday wishes.

  • Date: 16 November 2021 to 2 January 2022 (Monday to Sunday)
  • Time: 12nn-9pm
  • Venue: Central Atrium, G/F, Olympian City 2

Olympian Kids welcome offers

Between 16 November 2021 and 2 January 2022, newly registered Olympian Kids members^ and S+ REWARDS members will be entitled to the following welcome offers:

Exemption from required spending for Olympian Kids membership registration and from membership registration fees

Olympian Kids 500 welcome points (members can take part once in any of 3 experiences, namely “The Jungle Party”, “The Circus Experience” and “The Dream Code”, with 3 Disney stickers. Available on a first-come-first-served basis while stocks last)

Entitle 2 Disney stickers (available on a first-come-first-served basis while stocks last) and enjoy exclusive privileges upon instant registration as S+ REWARDS new member

^For children aged 12 or below; please present the identification documents such as certified copy of birth entry, student handbook, ID card

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