Paper-Roses | A boutique illustration and design house based in Hong Kong


How good does it make you feel to know that you made someone else feel all warm and snuggly inside just because you sent them a short note, a gorgeous card or a perfectly wrapped present? Absolutely fantastic, right?

And isn’t it brilliant when you find the perfect card, note card or paper…the one that’s a little bit different…the one that has a timeless look and feel with a bit of a modern twist…the one with just the right amount of sentiment but no fluff and nonsense…?

Or maybe you’re looking for a personalised stationery set, the perfect stationery for your wedding or some unique invitations for the party of all parties you’re planning.

But then you start worrying about the impact on the environment and wondering if paper’s the right way to go after all. Let’s be honest, using paper products is always going to have some environmental impact. So wouldn’t it be great if that footprint could be a bit smaller?

Paper-Roses’ fantastic hand-illustrated designs with their colourful but subtle look and feel are just what you're looking for. While some of Penny's designs are event or “thought” specific, many of them aren’t so you’re sure to find your perfect card, note card or wrapping option in the ever expanding range.

Penny also offers a custom design service – you can choose to use one of the existing illustrations in your own way or Penny will create something new for you.

And yes, all of Penny's paper products are professionally printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper using environmentally friendly printing processes. Now, be honest, what was the first thing that crossed your mind when you read “100% post-consumer recycled paper”? Was it something along the lines “Mmm…I’m not too sure about that. Won’t it look a bit like the inside of a loo roll?”. Well, there’s no need to worry – Penny only use the most beautiful, luxurious paper. Yes, you might occasionally see a few minor blemishes here and there, but they just add to the character of the finished product.

So, go ahead – send your love and share your dreams!


Image Credit: Paper-Roses




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