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The Workshop

The Workshop

The Workshop


Providing an open learning space for children to experiment, make something of worth and gain lifelong skills. They have experienced and patient craftsman who will work alongside the children, imparting their knowledge to the students. Each session lasts 2.5 hrs.

Location: Tai Shui Hang campus

Age: 5 - 8 yrs old

Who is HK Forest Adventures?

They are HK's first and leading forest adventure program for young kids. They specialize in taking toddlers and young children, i.e. 1.5 - 7 year-olds, into the forest to play. Since 2015, they've taken more than 1000 children into the forest to play.​

Connect with Nature. Develop Confidence & Courage. Build Character.

It's a time to connect with nature and learn about the natural wonders in Hong Kong. Through play, kids learn to be confident, independent, curious, creative, prudent, persistent and courageous, and they develop many more character strengths. It is a time to relax and unwind.

An All-Weather Adventure

It is an all weather adventure; they mostly play outside regardless of the elements. If it's hot we play in the water! If it rains, we play in the mud and the puddles. And if it's cold we dress-up warm and run around.​

Child-Directed & Play-Based

Sessions are child-led and we are 100% play focused. They do not follow a particular curriculum.​

Small Class Size with Highly Qualified Teachers

They keep classes small with a maximum of 12 kids so that experienced early childhood educators can attend to your child's developmental needs. 


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The Workshop at Tai Shui Hang 2 hours 30 minutes Kids ticket: 550 HKD

Telephone number

+(852) 5238 2377



Hong Kong
12D Tai Shui Hang North Road