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SummerCAMP 2018 - Unicorn Meringue

SummerCAMP 2018 - Unicorn Meringue

thePatsy's Summer Camp is designed to suit children aged 7 up to 18 years of age. 


All menus will be led by our professional chefs to introduce different culinary techniques, healthy diet and the importance of kitchen hygiene. 

The Summer Camp 2018 starts from July 16th to Aug 31st 2018, Every Monday to Friday from 10:30pm - 2pm (3.5hrs)
Today's Menu:
*Unicorn Meringue July 26, Aug 16 2018
Homemade meringues are chewy with a soft crisps exterior. thePatsy Team tried to make this recipe a bit more interesting in turning this simple meringue into a unicorn stick. Decorations will be added after they are fully baked.

  • Single or multiple camps are available for booking.
  • A light lunch will be provided

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Fee: 980 HKD

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