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JavaScript Coding with Minecraft - Level 1 @ Kwun Tong

JavaScript Coding with Minecraft - Level 1 @ Kwun Tong

JavaScript, often abbreviated as JS, is a widely used high-level programming language.


Often learned by programmers as their first language, it is one of the most common languages that we come across everyday. Minecraft is a sandbox game with a real-life-like scenario where children learn to build, design and work as a team.

Tiny Code has designed this unique course that combines direct application of JavaScript into Minecraft. We are using an online cloud based platform, where students will learn to create their own codes that will be applied directly inside Minecraft. Students will learn and use JavaScript to create changes or “Mods” for Minecraft.

This course turns Minecraft, one of the most popular games among children, into an effective tool for them to learn JavaScript. Students will gain the ability to make changes or “Mods” for their favorite game through learning how to code. The true motivation to learn coding is real a life application that students want to make.

  • Learn the basics of 3D Game Design.
  • Introduction to Programming with JavaScript.
  • Create Mods using JS and directly Apply them in Minecraft.
  • Create and Share Own Minecraft Servers.

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Course Fees: 4180 HKD

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+(852) 9774 9057



Hong Kong
The Wave, 10/F, 4 Hing Yip St, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong