TKO Plaza Connecting Generations Exhibition

TKO Plaza Connecting Generations Exhibition

TKO Plaza proudly presents the “Connecting Generations Exhibition” from today to October 25 (Sunday), a curation of classic vintage wearables, toys and nostalgic images focused on family togetherness and the strong sense of community shared by Hong Kong people across generations. Embark on a time machine of rediscovery in 2020, the exhibition is designed to enable younger generations to experience yesteryear trends that were all the rage, helping to recapture heartfelt memories and joy for all Hong Kong citizens.

"Wearables Exhibition” - standout wearables showcase Hong Kong's 60-year fashion evolution

In order to offer a better understanding of Hong Kong culture, TKO Plaza has divided the exhibition into two collections, "Wearables Exhibition” and “Memory Moments”. The Wearables Exhibition reflects the evolution of Hong Kong's fashion and expression during the past 60 years, and will elaborate on the stylistic form and development of "Wearables", statements of wealth and demonstrations of wearers being at the cutting edge of tech during past decades. The term wearables seems modern, but the concept behind it actually appeared more than half a century ago. Many are not aware that Hong Kong is one of the original birthplaces of wearables. In the 1960s, demand for electronic products began to spread like wildfire through Hong Kong and redefined the lifestyles of many.

Until the early 1980s, there was a fascination with flaunting highly recognizable wearables, especially for the locally-made “Big Brother” style of phones. These hulking great devices, often seen with their equally less-than-portable battery packs, were the ultimate icon of yuppie flash for stockbrokers and fund managers to socialites and actors. Therefore, the “Big Brother” trend became an encompassing movement in its own right. Due to the influence of movies and popular TV at the time, the price of an in-demand "Big Brother" went as high as $30,000 as would-be wearers desperately sought them out. Even compared to the early modern smartphone craze, “Big Brother” was transcendental. In addition to this iconic standout, a series of classic Wearables spanning various eras will take you back to the age of flourishing popular culture.

Reconnect with Hong Kong's collective joy through photos of people and classic memorabilia in Hong Kong and Tseung Kwan O

The second collection, “Memory Moments” displays images depicting daily life of communities in Hong Kong and Tseung Kwan O in days past. Sponsored by the Lumenvisum’s “18x24 social documentary programme”, Hong Kong Federation of Youth Group and HKDI’s annual exhibition of social photographs, the exhibition is divided into “Home Is”, “Growth and Transformation” and “New Generation in a Nostalgic Mood” collections.

  • Home is: The photographers featured in “Home Is” photographed their community and recorded their sense of belonging to that place
  • Growth and Transformation: It is a reflection of the unique status of Tseung Kwan O, and a time when the then-new town went from new development and transformed into a thriving district of over 400,000 people.

New Generation in a Nostalgic Mood: It is set to retrace past footprints in Hong Kong and records passing moments through the lens. The various pictures featured in the collection contain memories of past and present, and also celebrate the views of our young generations in the city. The works span different generations and together they create a compelling storytelling journey.

Classic Toys Review: How many can you recognize?

Connecting Generations Exhibition also showcases various classic Hong Kong toys, including Portrait Picture Cards, Foot Jump, Shuttlecocks, Yo-yos, Frisbees and games of Chess. They have accompanied many people throughout their childhoods and remain cherished in the eyes and hearts of many of us. In the ever-changing world of toys, seeing classic toys again will hopefully evoke childhood memories and help us all to view the world with a pleasant childlike innocence. Changes in toys throughout history also reflects the progress of society as well as progress made in manufacturing technology which is interesting to chart. Guests will be able to absorb and understand Hong Kong from an entirely different perspective.


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