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Whiz Kids Productions HK: Summer Camps 2019

Whiz Kids Productions HK: Summer Camps 2019

Whiz Kids Productions presents Summer Camps 2019 in a few locations.


EtonHouse International Pre-School

Telephone Enquiries: +(852) 2780 5700

Whiz Playgroup

Unlock your child’s talent! Create a delightful learning experience this summer with Mickey & Minnie and Peppa and George. Provide a seamless, good foundation for preparing for pre-nursery and kindergarten by joining Whiz Playgroup!

  • Showcase singing and musical movement
  • Enhance cognitive and language development: numbers, letters, food, colours, family, animals and shapes
  • Develop both gross and fine motor skills
  • Create a theme-based artwork

Performing Star and Costume Camp

In our programme, your child will be hugely involved in delightful animated movies through drama, music, choreography and will also be opportune to make a theme- related prop in a five-day camp designed to enhance learning. This is an experience you can't afford your child to miss. It will truly be an awesome experience!

  • Specialise in drama, music and choreography 
  • Create a theme-based costume or prop 
  • Improve storytelling presentation skills 
  • Perform in front of families and friends at open class

YewChung Arts and Language Centre (Y.A.L.C.)

Telephone Enquiries: +(852) 2337 0369

Performing Star

In our Performing Star camp, your child’s ordinary summer is turned into one filled with exciting discoveries and experiences. It involves a constant quest for new knowledge, with a programme created to bring about learning. This five-day camp programme is guaranteed to inspire the imagination of your child as they engage in creative activities like singing, choreographed dancing, and drama, and this year for the first time ever, we have cooking a dish as part of the many activities. These activities will centre around popular animated themes like Captain American and Captain Marvel, Batman and Batwoman, Aladdin and Jasmine, Toys Story, Belle and the Beast, Elsa and Olaf.

Programme Activities: 

  • Activities in drama, music and choreography
  • Create a theme based custom or prop
  • Cooking one special dish
  • Improve storytelling presentation skills
  • Performing in front of friends families during open class

Agnes Huang School of Ballet (Kowloon Campus)

Telephone Enquiries: +(852) 2712 1398

Performing Star Junior

We are more than aware that even our smallest campers are seeking exciting new experiences while camping with us. That is why in our Performing Star Junior programme, we slowly develop and nurture their love and appreciation for the performing arts. We understand the need to lay a solid foundation for these young ones, which is why our Performing Star Junior programme is dedicated to this cause.

Programme Activities: 

  • Introduction to the performance basics, which include singing, dancing and acting
  • Promote creativity and enhance speech and language through improvisations and role playing
  • Build confidence through fun and energetic dramatic activities
  • Create a theme based prop

Performing Star Level 2

Join us for engaging, educational and performing camps! Depending on your child’s preferred artistic calling, we provide intensive and highly effective musical training. Focusing on both artistry and skill building, gain rewarding good vibes for them all summer long.

Programme Activities:

  • Specialise in drama, music and choreography 
  • Develop confidence and projection 
  • Improve storytelling presentation skills 
  • Create a theme-based costume or prop

Primary English

  • Focus on grammar, writing, vocabulary and reading
  • Worksheets will be given according to each student’s level
  • Improve communication skills

Island Montessori School

ICMS and Whiz Kids are teaming up to offer your children an exciting musical journey into two hit animated movies this summer. The Performing Star and Costume Camp will delve into song and dance with the help of some of your children’s favorite characters.

Through dramatic play, campers will develop dance and vocal techniques, while creating their own costumes too. There are two themes this summer: “A Cool Summer with Elsa & Olaf”, which will run from August 5th to 9th and “Car Racing with McQueen” which will run from August 12th to 16th. Both sessions will be held at the ICMS North Point campus from 1:45 pm to 4:45 pm each day.

Whether your child enjoys performing or is a little hesitant, this camp aims to boost their confidence while fine-tuning their presentation and performance abilities. Parents are invited to come and watch their children show off their new skills in the final demonstration lesson on the last day of camp!



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