Zebedee International Preschool and Nursery

A non-profit international preschool and nursery nestled into leafy Tai Po has provided a friendly English speaking and learning environment for children aged 2 to 6 years to those living in Tai Po and the surrounding areas since 2008.


The school has been established for 10 years. It maintains small class sizes and individual attention to an international cohort of children. Teaching is always differentiated according to the class profile. Second language speakers benefit from an exceptionally successful immersion style of acquiring English language proficiency.

Teachers are early childhood specialists from the United Kingdom and have been trained in the EYFS curriculum before coming to Hong Kong. They make every effort to connect with the children and parents of their class, to facilitate a wholesome approach to teaching and learning.

Our philosophy is that education is more than tests, worksheets and homework. Self help skills are honed as the key to confidence and success. Children are encouraged to talk and express their thoughts and practise the language and humour they have gained. Children’s personal needs are respected and they make their own decisions about them. They learn to become self-reliant, which does have its challenges in the early days of Nursery and K1. When all these skills are in place in K2 and K3, there is a readiness to learn everything else. Then the all-round child is seen emerging and shows readiness for the transition to primary school.


Image Credit: Zebedee International Preschool and Nursery


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Hong Kong
Ground Floor, Yat Wing House, Yat Nga Court, Tai Po, Hong Kong