The Best Gymnastic Classes for Kids in Singapore

Published 25 March 2020 at 23:02

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The Best Gymnastic Classes for Kids in Singapore

Singapore isn't short of children's gymnastic clubs promoting confidence, health and wellbeing. Gymnastics is an immensely popular sport and it has always played a significant role in a truly holistic development of every child. All sports clubs are keen to stress that gymnastics is not just suited to athletes. It provides opportunities to engage everyone through a diverse and challenging sport experience at all ages across all abilities. Recognising the significant mental and physical benefits that emerge by participating and competing in sport, the majority of parents go on to send their kids to gymnastic schools. Whether your child is an aspiring Olympian or complete newbie, or it's for a social and recreational purpose, we've handpicked a selection of the best gymnastic classes for kids in Singapore.


Photo Credit: BazGym

Determined yet encouraging, BazGym is an award-winning gymnastics school that coaches students of all ability levels from 3 years old and over. Ability to listen to instructions, improved discipline and confidence, increased flexibility and alignment are welcome side effects here, but their carefully curated programmes are about reaching the children's physical potential through fun and engaging gymnastic classes. What makes BazGym really special is the handpicked team of qualified coaches, the years of experience coaching children of all ages including those with special needs, and the fully equipped gymnasiums at three locations – Balestier, Jurong and Punggol. Classes are capped at eight students – so expect plenty of hands-on adjustments and sufficient attention to each student. Classes are capped at eight students – so expect plenty of hands-on adjustments and sufficient attention to each student. There is no wonder that BazGym has been awarded Club of the Year (Competitive) by Singapore Gymnastics for two years in a row, in 2018 and 2019.

Ages: 3+;

Fees: a trial lesson for new students – $45.

Contact details: 66864309,;


  • SAFRA JURONG CLUB – 333 Boon Lay Way, #3C-01, Singapore 649848;
  • SAFRA PUNGGOL CLUB – 9 Sentul Crescent, #04-01, Singapore 828654;
  • SAFRA BALESTIER CLUB ‒ 31 Ah Hood Road, Singapore 329979.

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Rhythm & Groove

Founded in 2017 by Ms Andrea Leong, Rhythm & Groove is a Rhythmic Gymnastics academy in Singapore born from her vast experience of working with the very best in the industry as a former competitive gymnast, internationally accredited FIG coach and judge. Rhythm & Groove aims to provide rich and varied programmes – from recreational to competitive – which are stimulating, suitably demanding and flexible enough to suit the ability of each girl aged 3.5 and above. Rhythm & Groove has a winning formula: an inspirational founder and head coach Andrea plus an incredibly enabling team of highly accredited international coaches in Rhythmic Gymnastics – all united by a shared philosophy. Their mission is to bring out the best in all of their girls, develop sportsmanship and an overall understanding of both winning and losing in order to develop well-rounded young dancers and gymnasts.

There is no better example of the ethos of the school than the annual performance where all the girls showcase their talents and hard work (recreational & competitive). Evidently, the impact is long-lasting: in 2021, six of their gifted gymnasts aged 13 to 17 have been qualified for Singapore's National Squad. Every competitive and elite gymnast in the school has an opportunity to take part in cross-country competitions and go overseas to compete on top of competing in National Championships, Singapore Open and National School Games in Singapore. But it’s so much more than that. As Andrea Leong explains, Rhythm & Groove has a special atmosphere, intangible spirit where all girls, coaches and parents support each other and all the gymnasts cheer on their Squad teammates.

Better still, they’ve got the fully equipped facilities to match, with everything from two exceptional 196-square-meter competition mat spaces with high ceilings and a Sports Studio to a safe indoor environment where parents can drop off their children and two restaurants to relax whilst waiting for their daughters at Spize & Daisy’s Dream Kitchen.

Ages: 3.5+

Timing: Monday – Sunday 9am – 10pm;

Contact details: WhatsApp +65 92225795 (Ms Andrea Leong, Head Coach),;

Location: 131 Rifle Range Road, Temasek Club (Multi-purpose Hall/ Sports Studio).

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NorthStar Gymnastics

Photo Credit: NorthStar Gymnastics

Led by a respected representative of the Singapore Gymnastics community, floor manager at the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games Jon Gutierrez, NorthStar Gymnastics welcomes children of all levels and abilities with open arms. Their huge 4,700 sq ft air-conditioned club at the brand new SingPost Centre Mall has a homely feel with its small class size that enables coaches to keep careful watch over the gymnasts. The priority for this club is providing fun, positive and safe sessions while building physical and mental strength in the young gymnasts. Sessions are varied, from high-intensity trainings for competitive gymnasts to gymnastics programmes for beginners with progressive levels under the overall development pathway. 

NorthStar Gymnastics is renowned for its highly experienced coaching team who push your kids to their physical limit and have fun with them along the way.

Ages: 1+;

Opening times: Monday – Friday 3.30pm – 7pm, Saturday: 9am – 6pm, Sunday: 9am – 12pm;

Contact details: +65-8201 5968,;

Location: 10 Eunos Rd 8, #03-02, Singapore Post Centre, Singapore 408600.

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GIM Sports

Photo Credit: GIM Sports

In the scaled Venn diagram of elements which comprise a truly fantastic gymnastic training, three fundamental elements must interlink – experienced coaches, exciting achievements, and excellent facilities. That triple-X factor is what GIM Sports is about. One visit is enough to understand that this award-winning club (Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise 2012) is a safe, hygienic, 5,000 sq. ft. environment for children of all ages and abilities where only the most effective gymnastics and fitness programmes are carried out by the most knowledgeable and highly experienced coaching staff. So they designed a haven to meet every fitness level, no matter what a child's concern might be. By developing the children's gymnastic skills on various state-of-the-art equipment, they also recognise the importance of improving their strength, flexibility, coordination and cardiovascular fitness level. 

Ages: 2+

Opening times: Office: Monday – Friday 9:30am – 8:30pm; Saturday 9am – 18.45pm.

Contact details: +65 6468 1103,;

Location: 200 Turf Club Road The Grandstand #04-03, 287994 Singapore.

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The Little Gym

Photo Credit: The Little Gym

Since opening its doors in Singapore in 2003, an American franchised children’s fitness and development centre The Little Gym has been firmly admitted into the elite The Little Gym International’s President’s Circle and is the most-awarded facility in Asia. In 2003, the centre presented a newly developed The Little Gym of Singapore East where motor skills development, recreational gymnastics and sports skills development are provided in a safe and non-competitive environment.

At The Little Gym, the gymnastics programme for preschoolers and kindergarteners has been specially designed to help your child reach developmental milestones and change them from an unsteady toddler into a rambunctious child. Children in this age group still learn best in a structured environment where gymnastic activities are combined with a healthy dose of fun. The gymnastics programme for grade school children is a little bit different. Classes have been segmented to allow for gender-specific disciplines and varying developmental abilities, giving students the chance to tackle new challenges at their own skill level.

This is hailed as the perfect three-dimensional learning: strength, flexibility and coordination development through gymnastics and early sports skills; spatial and perceptual awareness, mastery of colours and numbers, kindergarten prep, imagination development; increasing confidence, integration into groups, willingness to try new things and initiate play, listening skills, sense of pride in achievements.

Ages: 3 – 12;

Opening times: Monday – Saturday 9am – 7pm; Sunday 9am – 6pm;

Contact details: West +65 6238-6331, East +65 6336-9734;


  • The Little Gym of Singapore West - FORUM The Shopping Mall, #B1-24, 583 Orchard Road, Singapore 238884;
  • The Little Gym of Singapore East - Marina Square, #03-163/164, 6 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039594.

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Bianka Panova Sport and Art Academy

Photo Credit: Bianka Panova Sport and Art Academy

The Bianka Panova Sport and Art Academy was founded in 2015 in Singapore with the clear mission of providing the young talents with the highest levels of artistic and professional gymnastic training. The Head Coach Bianka Panova is a nine-time World Champion in Rhythmic Gymnastics. She has made significant contributions to the local and European Rhythmic Gymnastics.

All students can now benefit from the opportunity to be trained at the highest level of this elegant sport in a family-friendly environment. Guided by professional coaches and choreographers, the young gymnasts are goal-oriented here and the results are visible in a short period of time. With this groundbreaking approach, their gymnasts have achieved great success in China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Germany, and Netherlands participating in international competitions and representing Singapore on the world stage.

Ages: 4+

Opening times: 11am – 7pm;

Contact details: +65-6274-3822,;

Location: 2 Bukit Merah Central, #02-03, Singapore 159835.

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By Anna Khan

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