Educational Trends 2024: What New Methods and Programs are Offered by Educational Centers

Published 22 February 2024 at 09:29

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Educational Trends 2024: What New Methods and Programs are Offered by Educational Centers

Premier education institutions in Singapore are getting super creative with how they teach kids! Think high-tech gadgets, cool teamwork activities, and even virtual reality adventures. Students are diving into group projects, hands-on workshops, and virtual simulations that make learning super fun and memorable. Plus, they're not just learning math and science anymore – they're also getting artsy and tech-savvy with STEAM education. Education centres are also jazzing up how they teach languages. Rather than just memorising vocabulary or equations, students are immersing themselves in interactive language labs and math workshops where they can practice real-world scenarios. By making these subjects more hands-on and engaging, kids are not only mastering new languages and math concepts but also developing critical thinking skills that are essential in today's fast-paced world. Mastering their school subjects in a fun and interactive way, they become awesome problem-solvers and team players ready for the future!

Spark Education

Video credit: Spark Education

Is your child dragging their legs to the nearby math tutorial centre? It’s time to switch things up for your child with Spark Math by Spark Education. They offer visual, gamified, teacher-led online learning that creates lasting connections between concrete and abstract concepts. Plus, who says learning math can’t be fun?

Spark Education is your go-to education provider offering academic enrichment programmes in small-group, interactive classes for children worldwide. Their unique approach combines student-centric pedagogy with cutting-edge technology, led by experienced teachers passionate about guiding children on their educational path.

Their flagship programme, Spark Math, is a game-changer in K2-P6 mathematics education. Designed to naturally build math confidence in your child, Spark Math helps children develop numeracy skills, master heuristic strategies, and excel in Mathematics. The programme goes beyond MOE Syllabus, introducing students to advanced questions in international competitions and real-life applications, preparing them for success in any academic endeavour.

This award-winning programme modernises traditional CPA (Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract) and UDSC (Understand-Decide-Solve-Check) approaches with technology to guide children in solving math problems independently. They utilise dual-interface technology, allowing teachers to interact in real-time, gamification and animated content to ensure engaged, active learning, and solidifying advanced math practices.

With Spark Math, your child will receive both physical and digital textbooks, workbooks, and math manipulatives, creating an effective blended learning experience conveniently at home. Their parent app also provides a one-stop solution for managing the class schedules and monitoring your child’s learning progress.

Spark Education also offers in-person Math and Chinese classes for kindergarten to lower-primary school students at Spark Learning Centre located in i12 Katong, providing flexibility to suit diverse preferences and schedules.

Spark Education has been awarded “The Best Interactive Learning Experience Award”; in EdTech Asia, accredited by, earned Gold at Teacher’s and Parent’s Choice, and named “Digital Education Institution of the Year 2023” by Digital Education Awards.

Get started by trying out their FREE interactive math assessment online and receive a complimentary report today. 

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British Council

Video credit: British Council

In Singapore, the work of the British Council includes teaching part-time English or 1:1/small group to adults and young learners. Customized to suit your requirements, they offer personalised 1:1/Small group private lessons, whether in-person, online, or a blend of both.

All courses are meticulously tailored to your specifications, ensuring high quality, flexibility, and complete customisation. Whether you prefer individual attention or the dynamic of a small group, these exclusive lessons allow you to engage with instructors at your own pace. Highly diverse program encompasses a variety of offerings, covering a wide array of communicative skills and topics to cater to different needs and preferences.

British Council specialised private courses team comprises highly skilled and experienced instructors committed to assisting you in reaching your desired outcomes.

1:1/Small group private lessons for kids and teens:

English language and skills support classes for young learners attending MOE and international schools. This will support any subject that is taught in English at school. Preparation for English language exams and tests of all levels: MOE exams (PSLE, O-levels, and General Paper), focusing on specific skills like essay writing and comprehension, preparation courses for the IELTS and Cambridge English tests.

1:1/Small group private lessons for adults:

General English and business English courses are suitable for individuals of all ages and proficiency levels, while targeted workshops in pronunciation and speaking, along with public speaking, as well as presentation skills courses, are designed for adult learners only.

The British Council also provides unique services in the field of English language learning: industry-specific programs including pharmaceutical, financial, retail, hospitality, shipping, and a wide range of practical language assistance. They’ll help with interview preparation and provide guidance on email and report writing.

To start your personalised learning journey, simply complete the online form provided, and British Council experts will analyse your requirements and objectives, crafting a tailored proposal just for you!

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Zhou's Academic Studio

Zhous Academic Studio

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Welcome to Zhou's Academic Studio, your premier destination for nurturing young talents in Chinese language proficiency and academic excellence. Distinguished by their commitment to advanced topics, expert teachers, exquisite video and audio courses, innovative teaching methodologies, they take pride in being a trusted institution.

Over the years, nearly 90% of Zhou’s students have achieved distinctions AL1 to AL3 in PSLE Chinese, a testament to the effective teaching methodologies; 100% students pass in O levels, more than 70% scores between B3 to A1. This remarkable success has led to the studio's high evaluation through word-of-mouth recommendations by parents, emphasising the impact of a tailored approach!

At Zhou's, they prioritise personalised learning with intentionally small class sizes. Curriculum aligns rigorously with the Singapore Ministry of Education's standards, ensuring comprehensive coverage of essential topics. Through engaging teacher-student interactions, they not only elevate language comprehension and writing skills but also mould well-rounded individuals with strong character.

Pre-School Program, tailored for Junior and Preparatory levels, is designed to comprehensively teach Hanyu PinYin and Chinese character writing, establishing a solid foundation for success at the primary school level. In small classes, children receive undivided attention from the teachers, allowing them to identify strengths and weaknesses more effectively. Moving beyond preschool, Zhou's school programs span from Primary to Secondary levels, focusing on mastering the art of essay writing, both formal and informal correspondences, as well as strengthening comprehension and oral test skills. All teaching materials are meticulously crafted in strict accordance with the updated MOE syllabus, ensuring that students are equipped with the latest and most relevant educational content.

Don’t hesitate and join Zhou's Academic Studio, where excellence in Chinese language education is not just a goal but a tradition!


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