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The Whole Truth about a Strong Core

The Whole Truth about a Strong Core

The Whole Truth about a Strong Core with Eva Lindsay, a mum of 2, health and fitness coach.



  • Demystifying the definition of a body core
  • Postnatal body core disfunctions
  • Introduction of the main gears of the body core and how the activate them correctly in order to built a strong and healthy body core

This Talk is For all Ladies

  • Who are interested in deep core restoration.
  • With children of all ages
  • With abdominal split, prolapse, incontinence, constipation, back and hip aches

Eva Lindsay and is an Abu Dhabi based mum of 2, health and fitness coach. Utilising her unique blend of experience in prenatal and postnatal fitness, nutrition and life coaching

Eva works with mums to:

  1. Help them to stay fit, healthy and positive during their pregnancy.
  2. Help to restore their deep core after the birth and increase their energy level without expensive supplements, extreme diets or boring crunching like workouts.
  3. Support them with weaning process using the methodology of baby lead weaning (BLW)

In August 2018 enrolled in certified program Postnatal Fitness Specialist Academy with Jessie Mundell with the expected date of graduation in December 2018.

2016 finished a course with internationally recognized physical therapist Julie Wiebe: The Pelvic Floor Piston.

2014 graduated at the prestigious New York based Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the biggest nutrition school in the world, where I was trained in over 100 dietary theories by some of the world’s top health and wellness experts.

2014 completed my 80 hours Prenatal and Postnatal yoga teacher training.

2013 Eva completed yoga teacher training in India in Traditional Ashtanga yoga with Iyengar alignments


Image Credit: Abu Dhabi Mums


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