Future Target Institute

Future Target Institute

Future Target Institute (FTI) is a language and training institute par excellence


Future Target Institute is an international institute offering over 70 courses and exams under one roof to hundreds of corporate clients & individuals. FTI specialises in language classes and exam preparation for college entrance tests such as the ACT and SAT providing all classes required under one-roof for study visa, work and immigration abroad as well as professional development.

Producing outstanding results and helping our students achieve their goals are the cornerstone of our service. We have produced academic prodigies with our students have gone on to create world records as well as national ones in tests such as the IELTS, CAMS, ACT and more. Our learners are like family to us and we hope to welcome you to your second home soon.


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Opening hours

Mon–Thu 09:00–20:30 (Lunchtime 13:00–16:00), Sat–Sun 09:00–20:30 (Lunchtime 13:00–16:00).





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