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Scheherzade Musical Show @ Global Village

Scheherzade Musical Show @ Global Village

Scheherzade Musical Show


Global Village brings you one of the most majestic musical dance shows - Scheherazade, a timeless tale of intrigue and adventure, by Ornina Arts and acclaimed Director Nasser Ibrahim. 3 performances of 30 minutes each daily until 3rd February, 2019. 

More than 30 professional actors and dancers, 200+ costumes and up to 100 props and accessories are used while performing these 11 spectacular musical scenes. A timeless tale that encompasses a compendium of Arabian literature from the Middle Ages featuring opulent background vistas and scenes that depict the customs, dance and arts of the Islamic Golden Age. The main characters are based on Sultan Shahriar, who is convinced of the duplicity of women, Queen Scheherazade who saves her life by her presence of mind as she recounts a succession of tales, the storyteller and merchant Fouad, his wife Atimad, and their monkey. 

This musical production took more than six months of preparation, from scenario writing, music composition, costumes and prop design, and special video background preparation to choreography. The show promises to offer a mesmerizing night appealing to both eyes and ears. 
Come witness this timeless musical show that is bespoke and exclusive to Global Village. Scheherazade Musical Show is included in the Global Village Entry Ticket of AED 15. Ticket price is inclusive of 5% VAT. 

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