Phobia Dubai

Escape rooms of Phobia Dubai are new and absolutely unique games in reality.


This reality doesn’t look like our ordinary life. You will be locked in an underground bunker, house of a maniac, modern museum, detective’s apartments or other unusual place. To escape from the room you need to understand how to complete your mission and find the way out. You have 60 minutes to win the game.

Who can play

Friends: experience something completely new
Families: spend an awesome time with your family
Tourists: make your trip memorable
Companies: try unique team building activity
Couples: make surprise on a special date
Gamers: challenge yourself in a real game

To escape from the room, you’ll need to hunt for hints, solve puzzles and stay focused during the quest. This won’t require special knowledge, but you need teamwork and use logic. It depends upon you whether you win or lose your escape game! Children under 14 years old can play only with parents.


Image: Credit of Phobia Dubai

Opening hours

Mon–Wed 11:00–23:45, Thu–Sat 11:00–01:00, Sun 11:00–23:45.


2 adult / per person: 145 AED (Sun - Wed )
3 adults / per person: 120 AED (Sun - Wed )
4 adults / per person: 115 AED (Sun - Wed )
5 adults / per person: 110 AED (Sun - Wed )
2 adults / per person: 165 AED (Thu - Sat)
3 adults / per person: 140 AED (Thu - Sat)
4 adults / per person: 135 AED (Thu - Sat)
5 adults / per person: 130 AED (Thu - Sat)





Vault - JLT, Red Diamond building; To Live - JLT, X1 tower

How to get there?

Vault - JLT, Red Diamond building; To Live - JLT, X1 tower