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Parenting with Confidence Webinar: Reconnecting Mind & Body (Free)

Parenting with Confidence Webinar: Reconnecting Mind & Body (Free)

Parenting with Confidence: Reconnecting Mind & Body with Louisa Burden


Louisa Burden help parents to reconnect with their kids especially teenagers so that there is less eye rolling and drama and more free flowing love and acceptance by helping to understand and simplify the teenage phase(yes, it is possible) for both so all can find healing within - because how can we support if we don't feel whole inside?
She has always been very interested (almost obsessed) with the human body and how it grows and develops. Since she qualified in RTT® (Rapid Transformational Therapy), she has become more fascinated in the brain and how our feelings influence our thinking. Because she fought her battles in her teens, she is committed in helping teens and their parents understand the phase and the importance of emotional growth and healing. She is one of the few who is convinced that the teen phase is misunderstood and strives to find reconnection in families in 3 ways – parent with themselves, teen with themselves and parent with teen.

Join us on Nov 28th 3:30 PM, to rediscover the parent within

Cost: Free


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