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Social Skills Practice Group

Social Skills Practice Group

In this program children will focus on putting previously taught skills into practice by applying them to real issues that they face at school and in their lives.


Date: Wednesday April 3rd, 10th, 17th & 24th
Time: 4:30pm - 5:30pm
Fee: AED 150/session

*For 7-10 year old graduates of previous TLH Social Skills Programs and eligible TLH individual therapy clients (referred by their clinicians)

With the support of trained facilitators, children will practice desirable social behaviors through play and unstructured activities and games. The aim is for participants to continue to apply these skills and extend positive interactions to peers and adults outside of the group.


  • Self-awareness: Awareness of one’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and the links between them / How to understand and name own emotions accurately / Accepting and expressing feelings in healthy ways
  • Social awareness: Awareness of others’ thoughts, feelings and behaviors / Understanding verbal and non-verbal communication / Active listening
  • Self-regulation: Recognizing the “fight or flight” response and how to circumvent it / How to calm down using different tools and strategies / Ability to manage one’s emotions
  • Social relationships: How to make and maintain relationships with others / Ability to handle difficult communication situations


  • Developed awareness and acceptance of own thoughts and feelings
  • Improved social awareness, and ability to recognize and understand others’ emotions
  • Increased self-confidence and adaptive behaviors in social settings
  • Enhanced interpersonal relationships and social skills


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