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Summer Art Workshops: The Masterpiece

Summer Art Workshops: The Masterpiece

We have designed a series of fun painting workshops for kids age 4-9 this summer.


Let your kids explore the world of art by painting in the style of famous artists and learn different painting techniques with us.

In the Jackson Pollock-inspired workshop, your kids can splash colours on the canvas to create an artist painting. The Piet Mondrian-inspired workshop allows your kids to play with paper craft and colour in shapes. The Claude Monet-inspired workshop let your kids learn colour dabbing technique. 

It definitely inspires your kids' own twist on masterpieces spurred by the greats and develops their art skill. Let your kids make their own masterpieces and discover their talent with our art workshop!

The workshops happen every Sunday (12:00-13:30 and 15:30-17:00). Schedule as follow:

  • 7 July | 28 July | 18 August

The Masterpiece-Jackson Pollock

  • 14 July | 4 August| 25 August

The Masterpiece-Piet Mondrian

  • 21 July | 11 August | 1 September

The Masterpiece-Claude Monet

  • The Masterpiece-Jackson Pollock

American painter Jackson Pollock was the influential figure of the abstract expressionist movement. His famous "drip and splash" style helped change the world of art by shaking off the conventions of the past.

Your kids will splash different colours on the canvas in this workshop. Art is more than using brushes painting on the canvas! It will greatly improve their colour sense. Your kids will also learn about choosing the best combination of colours to create harmony.

Want to know more about the artist? Check out these books:

Action Jackson - Jan Greenberg (2007)

Jackson Pollock (Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists) - Mike Venezia (1994)

  • The Masterpiece-Piet Mondrian

Dutch artist Piet Mondrian is known for his abstract painting using basic lines and primary colour.  The horizontal and vertical lines along with colourful squares and rectangles make up artistic designs and patterns.

This Mondrian-inspired workshop let your kids play with the primary colours and patterns. Not only painting, the workshop also let your kids play with paper craft. Your kids will create a frame using colour paper, in which they will colour in the shapes with primary colours.

Want to know more about the artist? Check out these books for your kids:

Mondrian (Basic Art Series 2.0) - Susanne Deicher (2018)

Coppernickel Goes Mondrian (Artist Tribute) - Wouter van Reek (2012)

  • The Masterpiece-Claude Monet

Claude Monet was a leading figure in the French Impressionist movement. His dabs and stroke painting technique and extraordinary combination of colours had inspired many great artists.

How can you colour in a canvas other than using brushes? Your kids can use different techniques to draw. In this workshop, your kids will dab and blend colours on the canvas, on which masking tape is used to make shapes and patterns. This simple and fun painting technique allows your kids to create a masterpiece resemble Monet's great artwork.

Want to know more about the artist? Check out these books:

Linnea in Monet's Garden -  Christina Björk (2012)

Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists: Claude Monet - Mike Venezia (1990)


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The Masterpiece-Jackson Pollock: 380 HKD ($990 for 3 Workshops)
The Masterpiece-Piet Mondrian: 380 HKD ($990 for 3 Workshops)
The Masterpiece-Claude Monet: 380 HKD ($990 for 3 Workshops)

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