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Summer Camps 2022

Summer Camps 2022

  • June - August 2022

Join us for a FUN, INNOVATIVE and EDUCATIONAL Summer break!

You are invited! Come and Join the Summer Fest at ActiveKids, there will be 3 – 5 days camps for kids ages 3 – 17. A variety choice from STEM Science to learn about physics, Chess for a Great Brain workout, Cook and bring home something delicious, Code and build robots with Arduino systems, Go undersea to make your creative art pieces and Construct your own Mermaid dress for a fun fashion show!

  • Stormy Chefs Summer Camps 2022 - for Ages 3 – 5, and 6 - 12. Cook up a Storm and bring home something delicious, our Yummy recipes include: Greek butter cookie- Koulourakia Voutirou, Cretan Sweet Cheese Pastries (Kalitsounia), Moussaka Stuffed Eggplants, Peach crostata pop....and lots more
  • Mission Runway Summer Camps – For ages 6 – 12+. Let’s go to the Undersea World and Construct your Mermaid style outfit to showcase in a fun Fashion Show!
  • Science Adventures (Hands-on Science) - for Ages 5 or above. Fabulous Physics Fun - join the exciting world of motion and energy, Powerful Planet - investigate alternative power and construct an energy racer, Extreme Sports Science - build different kinds of simple machines and learn how they work, Gizmo's Robot Factory - build a unique walking Buggy-bot which made from k'nex.
  •  ArtCrafters (Arts & Crafts) - for Ages 3 - 6 or 7 - 12. All projects are designed to develop creativity and original ideas in children. Come Paint, Draw and Create your Summer Theme Projects with us!
  • The Chess Academy Summer Camps -  For Ages 4 - 17. #1 Chess Program in Hong Kong. Led by our TWO Grand Masters together with a team of Expert Fide coaches, children will learn from the BEST at The Chess Academy and develop their characters through chess. Chess requires a good understanding of rules, fair competition, learning from mistakes and challenging oneself. Players will improve on their problem solving skills, as well as their Spatial Reasoning, Memory, Attention Span, Sportsmanship, Respect and confidence.
  • RoboCode Summer Camps – For Ages 7 or above. RoboCode offers dynamic programs using cutting edge technology for children ages 3-15 years old. Originated from Japan incorporating the S.T.E.M. approach, our courses will help children understand, build and program robots, design and construct video games and animation. The student will learn about engineering, coding and creative thinking. All our programs are based upon children’s innate passion and curiosity where they become the makers and designers.
  • Ivy Camps Online – For ages 6 – 14. ActiveKids will be bringing the fun and exciting Ivy Camps to Hong Kong this summer again:

1. Business Leadership - Discover the exciting world of Business Leadership through hands-on activities

2. Arts, Media and Communication - Learn all about Arts, Media and Communication through hands-on projects

3. Creatures & Characters - Explore Animals, Video Games, and Famous Fictional Heroes in this exiting program

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