Anchors Kindergarten & International Nursery

Anchors International Education Organization aims to provide an inviting and caring environment in which each individual’s value is respected, and each student’s potential is fully developed.


They are innovative and have combined the best elements of both Eastern and Western educational ideals. They value cultural diversity, and have programs that are intentionally designed to invite educational and social development. Teaching staff possess a healthy and positive outlook that contributes to students’ continued success.

Anchors has adopted the Invitational Education (IE) approach and base school on four operating assumptions: Respect, Trust, Optimism and Intentionality. Through the 5 Ps strategies (People, Place, Policy, Program and Process) of IE, they intentionally create an inviting environment where children are encouraged to develop their untapped potential. In these crucial four years of a child’s life, every aspect of their human development will progress through philosophy at Anchors. Students will expand their learning abilities and thinking skills, and also develop a positive outlook on life.


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