Art-Life Gallery Workshop

Art Exhibits + Books + Workshops​ = Resources for art & creative entrepreneurship


Founded in 2015 in Hong Kong's historic printing and paper district, this gallery inspires students and professionals to draw and do things. Doing things is the first step toward doing something great.

The gallery specialises in works on paper that reveal the artist's thinking. Sketches and drawings enhance your collection, add insight, and an opportunity to invest and bring creativity into your life. The artists they represent are established, mid- or late in their career, with works in major museums and private collections in Shanghai, New York and Hong Kong. 

Workshops and corporate events show how to recycle & reuse paper, objects, and local pigments from Hong Kong. Gallery aims to heighten understanding of sustainability and hone your eye for colour.

Part of the mission is to help young artists contribute to the community and a globalised society. May 2016 was the first charity auction benefiting Crossroads Foundation, led by secondary students from across Hong Kong.    

Art-Life Gallery Workshop gives art classes for adults and students K-7.


Image Credit: Art-Life Gallery Workshop​​​​​

Opening hours

Tue 11:00–17:00, Sat 11:00–17:00.


+(852) 6937 9063



Hong Kong
Cheung Hing Industrial Building 12P Smithfield