Asia Pacific Soccer Schools

Asia Pacific Soccer Schools run soccer / football classes all over Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories every day of the week.

We have more than 30 full-time, professional coaches and run sessions for over 4,000 players EVERY WEEK. We offer elite team training, girls only groups, and special goalkeeper training too.

New students can come for a FREE trial class – there’s no charge whether you sign up, or not.

Each school holiday we run fun daytime soccer camps – every October, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Easter, and Summer.

Our cancellation policy is very simple. You get what you pay for. If we cancel a class for any reason (e.g. bad weather) we will credit the session fee against any future course. (Note: if you don´t pay us directly – different rules may apply – some clubs and venues have their own rules)


Image Credit: Asia Pacific Soccer Schools

Opening hours

Mon–Fri 08:00–18:00, Sat 07:00–17:00.


+(852) 2385 9677



Hong Kong
1503 Sunbeam Plaza, 1155 Canton Rd, Mong Kok , Kowloon, Hong Kong