After-School Activities

After-School Activities

Pioneer (Age 8-11) - discover hands-on the different creative elements involved in filmmaking, including camera, lighting, acting, editing, and sound. By working on mini-film projects based on each element, students will gain a holistic understanding of how films are made, and how they can begin to participate in their creation. Equipped with these building blocks, students will become more confident in using each element artistically when they tell their own stories on film.

Auteur (Age 12-15) - experience the thrills of making a short film, from pre-production to post-production. By writing, directing, editing, and acting in their own projects, students will practice teamwork by collaborating with their peers by taking on different professional roles involved in film production. Students will also be challenged to convey specific feelings through their films, and learn to exert greater creative control over the stories they tell.


Image Credit: Babel Film Workshop


3 September - 31 December, See the website for the opening hours.



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